Investigating Complaints

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Appropriate handling of complaints can reduce costs and can minimise stress for the staff members involved. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the complaints process and effective complaints management. The aim of the training is to provide participants with an effective overview of how complaints should be managed to ensure a fair, just and proportionate approach. Guidance will be given on how to assess complaints, gather evidence and how to respond.

Key learning points:

  • Introduction to effective complaints management
  • Complaints policies and guidelines
  • Duty of candour
  • Gathering the evidence
  • Establishing and translating the facts
  • Producing and using written records and statements
  • Sources of information
  • Determining the appropriate response
  • Responding face to face, and/or in writing
  • Risk management – prevention and reaction
  • Minimising risk – how to learn from experience

A practical approach and case studies are used.

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