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Courses for Education Professionals

Our training equips teachers and other professionals working within education with the knowledge and skills required to meet good standards of practice in areas such as record keeping, writing statements and reports and giving evidence.

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Statement & Report Writing

Course Covers: reports , purpose, format, appropriate language, collecting evidence, importance of methodical investigation , qualifications and experience and more….

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Giving Evidence in Court

Course Covers: Demystifying the court process, adversarial and inquisitorial processes, preparation, giving evidence, lawyers’ techniques, pitfalls, use of statements, reports, records and other documents and more……

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Record Keeping

Course Covers: importance of good record keeping, legal and professional accountability, who should write the records, when, how much detail, what to include and leave out, common errors, will they stand up to legal scrutiny and more…….

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Specialist Courses

We also provide specialist and bespoke courses for education professionals.

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