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Courses for Healthcare Professionals

We offer a range of courses for health and social care professionals at all levels and all disciplines. In today’s climate professionals are not only concerned with the welfare of patients and clients but also how the law has impacted upon the tasks in hand. We offer training on the legal and practical implications covering everyday dilemmas such as ‘will the records stand up to legal scrutiny, when and in what circumstances you will be accountable, how to write a statement or report or giving evidence in court.

Our courses are practical, straightforward and delivered by specialists.

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Clinical Responsibility

Course Covers: Legal and professional obligations, vicarious liability, duty of care, system failures, team decisions, delegating, resources, protocols, guidelines and more..

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Consent to Treatment

Course Covers: principles of consent, when and who obtains consent, written, verbal, implied, advising risks, how much information, capacity, young people and children and more…

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Health Records in Court

Course Covers: Legal and professional obligations, accountability, purpose, impact on care, what to include, what to leave out, common errors, electronic, hand written and more…

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Investigating Complaints

Assess complaints, gather evidence, sources of information, effective communication, how to respond, risk management, prevention and reaction and more…

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Giving Evidence in Court

Demystifying the court process, adversarial and inquisitorial, preparation, giving evidence, pitfalls, using records and reports, impact on patient confidentiality, lawyers’ techniques and more….

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Statement & Report Writing

Course Covers: Difference between statements and reports, purpose, format, appropriate language, collecting evidence, methodical investigation, qualifications and experience.

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Duty of Candour

Healthcare professionals must be open and honest with patients when something that goes wrong with their treatment or care causes, or has the potential to cause, harm or distress. 

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Inquests – Coroners Court

Being called as a witness for an Inquest in the Coroners Court can be a daunting experience. 

This course will equip healthcare and other professionals with the tools for preparation and the necessary skills to give competent written and oral evidence.

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Specialist Courses

We also provide specialist and bespoke courses for health and social care professionals.

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